Psycho Clown, Triplemania XXIV big winner!

The Arena Ciudad de México was full of fans who brought together to live the biggest lucha libre party, Triplemanía XXIV which was a spectacular occurrence, full of action, drama and unexpected events.

During the main event and despite of being betrayed by Dr. Wagner Jr. and severely attacked, Psycho Clown finally defeated Pagano taking his hair. The fight was really bloody and the fighters used any kind of objects to punish each other. Finally, and while the barber was doing his job with Pagano, Dr. Wagner Jr. challenged Psycho Clown to fight mask versus mask at Triplemanía XV, which was accepted by the técnico.

At the semifinal match and despite of being beaten, Texano Jr. retained the Megacampeonato de AAA, when he defeated Brian Cage and, with that, Dr. Wagner Jr. the Megacampeón finished covered in blood; after the match, he received a pounding by the Equipo Trump, which couldn’t be countered even with the arrival of several técnicos. Among them, Garza Jr. received a beating from Johny Mundo.

On the special match, Rey Mysterio came back to Mexico and to Triplemanía, and led his team, formed by Prince Puma and Aztec Drago Jr., to the victory against Matanza Cueto, Mil Muertes and Marty “The Moth” Martínez during the match of the Lucha Underground universe.

Johnny Mundo captured the Campeonato Latinoamericano AAA when he defeated Pentagón Jr., after Taya turned his back to Pantagón fouling him and surprising everyone. The blond immediately aligned herself with Johnny Mundo and betrayed Los Perros del Mal.

The 2016 generation Salón de la Fama AAA exalted the legendary Gringo Loco Arthur Barr “Love Machine”, who was one of the greatest stars at the beginning of AAA and who passed away in 1994 and, surprisingly, Lic. Joaquín Roldan, General Manager of AAA was included as well; in presence of the AAA President, Lic. Marisela Peña and the EVP Dorian Roldán, he received the pleasant surprise as a tribute from everybody in AAA team.

Aerostar and Drago were crowned as Campeones en Parejas AAA by defeating Jack Evans and Angelico, Matt Cross and Paul London, and Garza Jr. and El Hijo del Fantasma, during a great match with impressive air action.

The anticipated men versus women match remained deserted, after El Apache, who was invited as referee by Averno and Chessman, betrayed them to support his daughters Mary and Faby Apache. After the fight, Ricky Marvin appeared and the three rudos massacred the family in a fight that undoubtedly deserves revenge.

During the first match, Australian Suicide won the Copa Triplemanía by defeating Daga on the great finale. La Parka, Taurus, Argenis, Super Fly, El Hijo del Pirata Morgan, Pimpinela Escarlata, Hernández, Mamba, El Zorro and El Elegido also participated on this match. After the combat, Daga attacked Australian once more, thus destroying the Cup and putting him in bad conditions, as he was very mad because he was stepping on one of the ropes at the moment of the count that made Oceanía victorious.