Niño Hamburguesa
Niño Hamburguesa
Técnico - Luchador
Niño Hamburguesa

When we talk about charisma, this luchador, also known as El niño-come-hamburguesas (Spanish for “Kid-who-eats-hamburguers”), is undoubtedly the king. He began his career with the Mexican Power, but his talent, skills, and the aforementioned charisma, has led him down a path where he has managed to shine by his own light. This young star has earned the love and admiration of the audience due in no short measure for his charisma, but also due to his spectacular moves, being that his famous “moto-sentón” or when he performs a “flying tope” or a “plancha” above any of the AAA rings.



  • WEIGHT 223 LB
  • HEIGHT 5'6" FT
  • SIGNATURE MOVE Hamburguesa Splash