@aaaerostar1 - Técnico - Luchador

Very few wrestlers are as spectacular as Aerostar. He dares to perform fearless jumps from the top of the lighting structure of the building or from atop the 3rd cord of any ring. It means no difference to him. He’s the AAA’s acrobatic and aerial luchador for excellence, and has been ever since he first appeared at the Mexican Lucha Libre.

He’s sustained a bitter rivalry with wrestler Chris Stone for a long time, and such rivalry reached an explosive climax when they faced each other in the final match for the Copa Antonio Peña, at the Héroes Inmortales IV event. In the end, he won the match and obtained the scalp of his rival. (As a side note, Chris Stone is one of the 3 sons of famous wrestler “El Bello Greco”, who passed away in 2015)

His consolidation as one of the top wrestlers within the AAA came when he won a bet match against Super Fly and after constant matches in events run under the Lucha Underground label.


  • WEIGHT 152 LB
  • HEIGHT 5'7" FT
  • SIGNATURE MOVE Senton Bomb



Campeonato en Parejas Mixtas AAA (w / Faby Apache)
Torneo Alas de Oro 2008
Copa Antonio Peña 2010


Súper Fly