The world at his feet at Triplemanía XXIV

The world at his feet at Triplemanía XXIV

By Óscar Díaz – @Manrayk

Johnny Mundo, as a copy of his presentation at Lucha Libre Victoria World Cup 2016, stole the night of August 28th, 2016 when he defeated Pentagón Jr. during one of the main events at Triplemanía XXIV, thus conquering the Campeonato Latinoamericano AAA.

The Príncipe of Lucha Underground and Campeón del Mundo 2016 is not only increasing his amazing record of achievements and world class titles, but also obtained a great ally, the Reina de Reinas AAA, Taya.

The foul committed by the Wera Loca to Cero Miedo left speechless the Arena Ciudad de México because of the great meaning of this action and the possible impacts on Los Perros del Mal members.

The silence of La Jauría was very disconcerting. Neither Pentagón Jr, nor Líder, Daga or Kahn has spoken about Taya’s betrayal.

Will these actions have an echo on the next AAA Evento Magno, Héroes Inmortales X?

Will Pentagón Jr. demand a rematch before Johnny Mundo for the Campeonato Latinoamericano AAA?

On www.luchalibreaaa.com, we will do everything in our hands to contact Perros del Mal in order to clarify all the surrounding doubts.