Again, at a sold out event, Triplemanía XXII took place at Arena Ciudad de México. And again, this was an event full of surprises. All this during a night that firmly established wrestler Psycho Clown as a favorite, reassured the “Rudo” Hijo del Perro Aguayo as a solid leader, and officially introduced Alberto del Río “El Patrón” into the AAA.

The main event of the night put the Copa Triplemanía XXII at stake, where four of the most important wrestlers in all Mexican Lucha Libre were pitted against each other: Myzteziz, Cibernético, Dr. Wagner Jr. and El Hijo del Perro Aguayo. The match was a very violent and bloody one, due to the rivalry and hatred held among the wrestlers. The first contender to be eliminated was Dr. Wagner Jr., after he suffered a “Garra Cibernética” move at the hands of the so-called Main Man; ironically, he was the next one to be eliminated, after he received a “La Mística” move from Myzteziz, thus leaving him against El Hijo del Perro Aguayo only to define the match.

The end came after some dramatic moments atop the ring, but in the end, El Hijo del Perro Aguayo fouled Myzteziz, thus winning the Triplemania XXII Cup. His celebration was short-lived, though, as Alberto del Río “El Patrón” showed up, claiming revenge against the new champion, because he had attacked his father at the beginning of the match. The newly arrived wrestler challenged the champion right there, a match that was green-lighted by Lic. Joaquín Roldán, and was won by “El Patrón” after he delivered his famous “Rompe Destinos” against his rivals, thus earning his first victory at the AAA.

On a scalp vs. mask bet match, Psycho Clown (who had Mini Clown acting as a second) defeated El Texano Jr. (who had El Hijo del Fantasma as his respective second)

The previous match saw a very polemic caged bet match being held among wrestlers La Parka, Averno, Blue Demon Jr., Chessman, El Mesías and Electro Shock, where the so-called “Cazador de Tormentas” lost his scalp at the hands of the recently returned Puerto Rican wrestler. This event left an unanswered question hanging: Will he be a “Rudo” or a “Técnico” when he finally comes back to the AAA rings?

During the event, another ceremony of induction to the AAA Hall of Fame took place. First, in order to pay homage to departed wrestling legend El Brazo, which was the 8th inductee, and whose recognition was received by his widow and their children.

Immediately after, the ceremony for the 9th inductee took place: It was none other than wrestling living legend El Rayo de Jalisco, who had no time to celebrate, as the ceremony was interrupted by the sudden appearance of El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, who started berating the legendary wrestler, an act that was not tolerated by the “Mexicanisimo Gladiador”, whom stepped up to put the so-called “Perro del Mal” back into his place.

The match for the Campeonato Reina de Reinas AAA title was a very dramatic, spectacular and dramatic one, where challenger Taya managed to defeat the holder of the title at the time, Faby Apache, after delivering a Northen Light Suplex, followed by a Lanza, thus becoming the new holder of the Reina de Reinas AAA title, and the first non-Mexican to earn such title. It is worth noting that the so-called “Wera Loca” fought most of the match with a broken nose.

The second match of the night was a special ten-way elimination match, held in order to unify the AAA Fusión and the AAA Campeonato Crucero into the new Campeonato Mundial Crucero AAA. This match was held among 9 wrestlers, who gave themselves 100% into the fight in order to win. In the end, wrestler El Hijo del Fantasma defeated Angélico using a slight variant of the pile driver move. On the same match, Jack Evans, Bengala, Fénix, Pentagón Jr., Australian Suicide, Joe Líder and Daga also fought.

The opening fight had “Mini” wrestler Mascarita Sagrada, alongside Pimpinela Escarlata, Jennifer Blake and Aerostar, defeated rivals Mini Abismo Negro, Mamba, Sexy Star and Súper Fly.