On June 6th. 2010, the Triplemanía XVIII event took place once again at Palacio de los Deportes. There, an historical dream match was held between wrestler L.A. Park, who came back to the AAA in order to fight the man who took his mantle after he left the Company: La Parka. The winner would earn the rights over the character.

During such match (the main event of the night) wrestler L.A. Park managed to snatch a very polemic victory, due in part that the referee was knocked out, and while he was being replaced, the wrestler delivered a piledriver move against La Parka, who was pinned to the ring. L.A. Park also used the help of wrestling team Los Perros del Mal, against the rules. Such irregularities caused the Comisión de Lucha Libre del D.F. rule the match as thrown out due to outside interference, but the decision was reversed the next day as AAA declared that L.A. Park had earned the rights to the name “La Parka” with his victory. However, three days later AAA announced that they would respect the Commission’s decision and declared the match thrown out. The series of singular events surrounding this match helped to regard it as one of the most special in all Triplemanía Events in history.

On another match, wrestling legend Dr. Wagner Jr. won the title of Megacampeón AAA after defeating Electroshock, who had earned the title from Mr. Anderson in the Rey de Reyes contest just a few months before.

Also, wrestler Jack Evans won the Campeonato Crucero AAA title after defeating rivals Xtreme Tiger, Nosawa and Christopher Daniels.

Wrestler Cibernético forged an unusual alliance with TNA wrestler Abyss in order to defeat Vampiro Canadiense and El Zorro, all this due to the unannounced participation of Konnan, who ended up causing more damage than benefit to his partners.

Wrestlers Chessman, Alex Koslov and Hernandez managed to defeat rivals Octagón, Heavy Metal and Pimpinela Escarlata, thus causing referee El Piero to be shaved bald.

Wrestlers Silver King and Último Gladiador managed to bring the AAA Campeonato de Parejas title back to Mexico, after winning it from Japanese wrestlers Go Shiozaki and Atsushi Aoki, whom had earned the title in a match held back in Japan. On such match, Robert Roode y James Storm (Money Inc., from TNA) also fought, and the ever-present Hermandad 187 (Nicho el Millonario and Joe Líder).

On a match where the losing team would have to work as maids for a whole month, female wrestlers Faby Apache, Mary Apache and Cynthia Moreno ended up defeated against Jennifer Blake, Sexy Star and Rain. This event marked the beginning of a feud between the females.

“Mini” wrestler Octagoncito won the Campeón Mundial Mini AAA title after defeating Mini Abismo Negro (who was the holder of the title at the time), Mascarita Divina, Mini Charly Manson, La Parkita, Mini Psicosis, Mini Chessman and Mini Histeria on a mini chairs, mini tables and mini Ladders match.

After the events, and as a special guest act, legendary Blues/Rock band El Tri de Alex Lora performed in front of a delighted audience.