This was the first Triplemanía event held without AAA Founder Lic. Antonio Peña, and also, the last event ever held at the historic Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, as the building was condemned for demolition. The most famous wrestlers were present, to pay homage to the departed AAA Founder and also to wave a last goodbye to the mythical building.

The main fight presented, for the very first time ever, a match deemed as “The Dome Of Death”, on which a spectacular semi-spherical metallic cage was set above the ring, and where six of the most famous wrestling stars put their scalps on the line: Cibernético, who was enjoying the sweet nectar of popularity, teamed with his Hell Brothers (Chessman and Charly Manson) and defeated rival wrestling team La Legión Extranjera: X-Pac, El Mesías and Kenzo Suzuki, whom, after being on the receiving end of a “Garra Cibernética” move, was the last man left inside the cage, thus losing the match and had his head shaved.

The wrestler known as Sabu, the so-called “homicidal, suicidal and genocidal man”, came back to the AAA in order to team up with 3 wrestlers: the colossal Rikishi, spectacular Ron “The Truth” Killings and legendary Head Hunter; together, they won against La Parka, Latin Lover, El Zorro and a surprise wrestler, El Animal.

The previous match had wrestlers El Alebrije w / Cuije, El Elegido and Brazo de Plata win against rivals Alan Stone, Scorpio Jr. and Zumbido.

On a previous match, a special mask vs. mask match took place, and this was a match very reminiscent of the one previously seen at Triplemanía III: Wrestler Super Caló faced a friend and sometimes teammate, but this time he ended up the loser, hence, he had to surrender his mask and reveal his real name: Rafael Garcia (A.K.A. Jordy Stone).

Before, wrestler Juventud Guerrera took as a second wrestler Octagón, and then defeated Fuerza Guerrera, which in turn had wrestler Sangre Chicana acting as his respective second. This was a streetfight match, on which both wrestlers took the fight beyond the ring and into the first rows of seats.

The pair of wrestlers Crazy Boy and Joe Líder became Campeones de Parejas AAA after defeating Dark Cuervo and Dark Ozz.

On a pre-eliminatory Relevos Suicidas tag team match, wrestlers El Apache and Laredo Kid defeated Super Caló and Super Fly, leaving them to fight each other, with their respective masks at stake, on which Super Caló had to surrender his mask.

The wrestler known as Alfa (whom would later be revealed to be Billy Boy, but had adopted this new identity in order to regain the love of Faby Apache) teamed up with Casandro, Faby Apache and Mini Abismo Negro to fight against Pimpinela Escarlata, El Oriental, Cynthia Moreno and Octagoncito. In the end, the Alfa’s team defeated their rivals.

At the end of the event, an as the icing of the cake, popular punk rock band Lita and the Luchagors, from Atlanta, Georgia, performed in front a very enthusiastic audience.