With an excellent entrance registered, El Palacio de los Deportes once again was the venue for Triplemanía XIX, on June 18th, 2011. There, many events occurred that changed the shape of things and the status quo within the AAA.

On the main fight, legendary wrestler Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated the no less legendary Rob Van Dam, after which he gained the Campeón Latinoamericano AAA title. The so-called “Physician of Good” won after performing a DDT move, for which he used the ring’s ropes. The wrestler received a sound ovation from the Mexican audience, who acknowledged the fact that the Mexican pride had been restored, after the humiliations suffered during previous events.

On the previous match, wrestler L.A. Park made good at his promise of defeating El Mesías, thus earning the scalp of his rival (even that he kind of cheated, using many tricks and maneuvers that he had picked during his career). During the match, and while El Mesías had him almost defeated after performing a “sharpshooter” move against him, the “bony wrestler” faked a rendition, thus his rival released him, and just when El Mesías was about to celebrate, L. A. Park sucker punched him using a boxing iron, knocking him out if front of a distracted referee, who then counted to three and ended the match.

On the fight for the Megacampeonato AAA title, TNA wrestler Jeff Jarrett used a guitar as a weapon, a stunt that he had used several times before in order to win. Thus, the self-proclaimed “King of The Mountain” emerged victorious, after applying his special stroke move against his rival, after which he was crowned as the maximum champion.

The previous match had wrestling team Los Perros del Mal (Damián 666, Halloween and X-Fly) earn the title of Campeones de Tercias AAA, thus becoming the first team to earn said title. All this after defeating rival team Los Psycho Circus. Before the match started, wrestler Damián 666 asked to change the style of the match, in order to face their rivals on an “Extreme Style” match, where both sides used a wide array of brutal moves in order to win. The end came after wrestler Halloween performed a “Death Valley” move against Psycho Clown against a table, thus winning the championship. Noticeably, a moment that caused great shock to the audience occurred when Murder Clown and Damián 666 fell during a supplex from the top a stair, hitting hard against the floor surrounding the ring, making a crater on the place they impacted.

On a tag team steel cage match for the AAA World Tag Team Championship, current holders of the title, wrestlers Jack Evans and Xtreme Tiger, managed to retain it against challengers Mr. Anderson and Abyss. This was a match where wrestler Evans made extensive use of drawing pins against Abyss, whom, after suffering a neck-breaking move at the hands of Evans, was left behind in the cage, thus losing the match.

Wrestling team Los Bizarros (Cibernético, Charly Manson, Billy el Malo and Scoria) won against rivals La Parka, Drago, Dark Ozz and Octagón. Suddenly, during the match, wrestler Taboo showed up, threatening one of La Parka’s children. Over the microphone, the child managed to say: “Dad! Taboo is my uncle!” thus revealing that the mysterious wrestler was the brother of the bony wrestler. The member of Los Bizarros acknowledged this statement.

During the event, a new concept was presented to the audience: Las Reinas del Ring appeared for the very first time. They are a group of beautiful girls, who performed a dancing act between the matches, before a welcoming audience, who cheered and clapped at them.

On a match of chairs, tables and ladders, wrestlers Heavy Metal, Electroshock and Joe Líder defeated rivals Chessman, Último Gladiador and Silver Kain, right after Chessman and Ultimo Gladiador were slammed by Electroshock and Heavy Metal against a violoncello (handed over by rocker Charlie Montana) and a table, respectively. Chessman was left bleeding abundantly after receiving a hit with a chair.

On a ceremony, wrestler Octagón was inducted to the AAA Hall Of Fame by the company’s President, Lic. Joaquín Roldán, who also paid homage to the wrestler’s long and successful career, and also thanked him for being a founding member of the AAA.

On the opening fight, female wrestlers Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Sexy Star and Mickie James emerged victorious, after the latter kissed Faby Apache, thus catching her off-guard and catching her by surprise with a DDT move; therefore, defeating her and her teammates Mary Apache, Lolita and Cynthia Moreno.