On June 18th, 2006, again at Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Triplemanía XIV took place, and a huge audience gathered to attend a ceremony on which Lic. Marisela Peña, sister of AAA founder Lic. Antonio Peña, presented him with a testimonial and a recognition for his hard work and dedication to the Company. This also was the last time that the founder attended an event.

The main fight of the night had wrestlers La Parka and Muerte Cibernética face each other, on a best two-out-of-three falls bet match, where the wrestlers put their respective masks at stake. As a result, Muerte Cibernética was unmasked and revealed to be Ricky Banderas.

The previous match had Charly Manson defeated El Zorro on a “Last Man Standing” caged match, where each contender put their mask or scalp on the line. In the end, El Zorro was shaved bald even when he still had to regain conscience.

Shortly before, wrestlers Octagón, Vampiro Canadiense, Intocable and El Ángel won against rivals Alan Stone, Shocker, Scorpio Jr. and Zumbido (A team known as Los Guapos VIP).

On another match, wrestlers Pimpinela Escarlata, La Fiera, Mocho Cota and Sangre Chicana wrestled Cassandro, El Brazo, Espectro, Jr. and Pirata Morgan to a no-contest.

Also, wrestlers Chessman, Dark Cuervo, Dark Ozz and Dark Scoria also went to a no-contest against rivals Laredo Kid, Super Fly, Rey Cometa and Némesis. As a result of the no contest, the Mexican National Atómicos Championship title was left vacated.

The second match of the night saw wrestlers Abismo Negro, El Apache, La Diabólica and Tiffany steamroll over rivals Billy Boy, Alebrije c / Cuije, Estrellita and Faby Apache.

The first match of the event presented “Mini” wrestlers Octagoncito, Mascarita Sagrada and La Parkita win against Mini Abismo Negro, Jerrito Estrada and Mini Chessman.