On May 15th, 2005, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Triplemanía XIII took place. This, like previous years, was an event full of emotions and surprises. The main event of that night was the fight held between the team composed by wrestlers La Parka, Octagón and Latin Lover against Cibernético, Chessman and Fuerza Guerrera, who made a surprising comeback to AAA. Even with the legendary “Rudo” at their side, the team of “Tecnicos” won the match.

The semifinal match had wrestlers Konnan, X-Fly and Vampiro Canadiense fight against each other in a spectacular “extreme” match, where “The Cuban Commander” appeared to be on fire, showing off his skills, agility and strength against Vampiro Canadiense, while X-Fly was left mostly inactive, but watching closely by, in case his help was needed. Konnan managed to perform a piledriver move against Vampiro Canadiense, followed by a neck breaker over a table set on fire.
All this in order to demonstrate the level of violence and strength the wrestler is capable of. In the end, Konnan emerged victorious via knock-out.

Another historical encounter was held at a special match, where wrestler Nicho el Millonario (the man who originally wore the mantle of Psicosis) faced none other than the new Psicosis, in a bet match where the right to use the name was at stake. This was also a very violent match, on which both wrestlers used the whole stadium as a battle arena, battling fiercely until they reached another ring, set outside the stadium, where the title of the rights over the character were sealed inside a metallic safe. Nonetheless, the match ended unresolved, as another wrestler, Histeria II, showed up and stole the title from the safe, after hitting Nicho El Millonario, who had already won, with a chair.

On the previous match, wrestlers El Zorro, Juventud Guerrera and newcomer Luzbel, defeated rivals Alkatraz, Apocalypse and Predator.

Wrestlers Electroshock, CIMA and El Intocable won against Charly Manson, Mr. Águila & Hator.

The second match of the night had an unprecedented historic match, who pitted father against son: Tinieblas Sr. (w / Alushe) faced off against Tinieblas Jr. who had defected to the side of the “Rudos”. On the side of the Senior wrestlers sat Hijo de Aníbal and Alebrije, while on the opposing corner were Pirata Morgan and The Monster w / Chucky.

The opening match had wrestlers El Ángel, Sexy Francis, Lady Apache and Mascarita Sagrada win against rivals Texano, Polvo de Estrellas, Tiffany and Mini Abismo Negro.