On June 5th, 2003, at Toreo de Cuatro Caminos in Mexico City, Triplemanía XI event took place. There, Wrestler Pirata Morgan lost his scalp once again, but this time after facing a young wrestling star: Heavy Metal. On that same match, wrestlers El Texano and Sangre Chicana, who also battled against the rising star also participated; Heavy Metal emerged victorious.

On the semifinal match, wrestler Lizmark Sr. came back to the AAA after 8 years, and he teamed up with fellow wrestlers Octagón, La Parka and yet another returning wrestler: Super Caló. Together, they defeated rivals Cibernético, Abismo Negro and Los Head Hunters I & II.

A previous match saw wrestlers El Zorro and Rayman win against rivals Mr. Aguila and Juventud Guerrera. Also, Máscara Sagrada, Latin Lover e Hijo del Solitario joined forces in order to defeat Jason, Leatherface and Eddie Watts.

Wrestler Electroshock teamed with female wrestler Lady Apache to face off against rival teams El Apache and Faby Apache, Chessman and Tiffany, and El Brazo with Martha Villalobos. The winning team would earn the title of Campeonato de Parejas Mixtas AAA.

On the first match of the night, female wrestler Esther Moreno teamed up with Máscara Sagrada Jr., Mascarita Sagrada and May Flowers and defeated rivals Poly Star, El Picudo, Mini Abismo Negro and Polvo de Estrellas.