On June 7th, 1998, at Gimnasio “Bernardo Aguirre”, in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Triplemanía VI took place. Then, the most-commented rivalry was the one held between wrestler Heavy Metal and martial artist Kick Boxer. This match was held inside a cage, where both wrestlers put the scalps of their respective “seconds” (Pepe Casas on the side of the former, and El Tirantes for the latter) on the line.

The outcome was unexpected, as the martial artist defeated his rival Heavy Metal, but on a very dubious way: Heavy Metal choose to help his “second” (also his father, Referee Pepe Casas), whom had been tied up, and hence, was helpless against the endless attacks of his rival, thus unable to escape the cage in order to win the match. This situation was used by Kick Boxer, left the cage effortlessly.

Shortly before, wrestlers Perro Aguayo and Hijo del Perro Aguayo defeated rivals Fuerza Guerrera and Mosco de La Merced (whose mantle was worn by El Loco Valentino), thus winning the title of Campeonato Nacional de Parejas.

Wrestlers La Parka, Máscara Sagrada (2nd incarnation), Latin Lover and Blue Demon Jr. steamrolled over rivals Los Vipers: Cibernético, Histeria (2nd incarnation), Maniaco and Psicosis (2nd incarnation).

On another match, wrestlers Octagón, “mini” wrestler Octagoncito and Pentagón (whom had switched sides, becoming a “Técnico” briefly) defeated rivals Abismo Negro, Electroshock and mini Abismo Negro.

On the first match, Charly Manson and Venum defeated Oscar Sevilla “El Novillero” and R-15.