This was the very first Triplemanía event that reached international diffusion and recognition. For the Mexican audience, it represented the chance to witness the conclusion of the bitter rivalry held between Blue Demon, Jr. and Karis la Momia (known today as La Parka), both wrestlers now accompanied by their respective teams: Los Juniors Atómicos and Los Payasos. This rivalry originated when Karis la Momia was fighting against Blue Demon Jr. and, during the match, Karis la Momia caught Blue Demon Jr. off-guard, hitting him on the back, which caused him a severe injury. Then, on a later event, Karis la Momia managed to snatch from Blue Demon Jr. the title of the Campeonato Nacional Crucero. By the time of Triplemanía IV event, both wrestlers arrived with reinforcements: Blue Demon Jr. had joined forces with other descendants of legendary wrestlers to form a team known as Los Juniors Atómicos (composed by Blue Demon Jr. himself, Tinieblas Jr., Máscara Sagrada Jr. and the newly-arrived wrestler from UWA, Halcón Dorado Jr.), and at the same time, Karis la Momia formed an alliance with Los Payasos (Coco Rojo, Coco Amarillo and Coco Azul).
Just like previous years, Triplemanía IV consisted of 3 different events. The first one took place on May 11th, in Chicago, Illinois. There, on one of the matches held under the new “lumberjack” mode, wrestlers Konnan and Perro Aguayo won against rivals Pierroth Jr. and Cien Caras. On the previous match, wrestler Cibernético, alongside wrestlers Mosco de La Merced (known today as X-Fly) and El Picudo, won against Octagón, La Parka (known today as L.A. Park) and Último Dragón. On another match, wrestlers Jerry Estrada and Juventud Guerrera defeated rivals Super Caló and El Pantera. The first match of the event saw the victory of wrestlers Karis la Momia, The Killer and Arunyo against Blue Demon Jr., Máscara Sagrada Jr. and El Torero.