The third phase of the event, which took place on July 15th, at Centro de Convenciones of Cd. Madero, Tamaulipas, became the icing of the cake: There, the main event was held inside a cage, on which wrestling team Los Juniors Atómicos pitted themselves against Los Payasos alongside Karis la Momia, on a match where their masks were on the line. Sadly, the intervention of Mascarita Sagrada Jr. was the factor that inclined the balance against the “Técnico” cause, because he landed by mistake on his ally instead of his rival, a situation that Karis la Momia took advantage of, chaining Halcón Dorado Jr. to the cage using a pair of handcuffs that Máscara Sagrada and Lady Victoria had thrown inside the cage. So, Halcón Dorado Jr. remained inside the cage, watching helplessly as his rival left the cage. After being freed from the handcuffs, the wrestler had to remove his mask and reveal his real name: Antonio Olmos, from Mexico City. Immediately after, he threw himself against Mascarita Sagrada Jr., taking sides with Karis la momia, Los Payasos, The Killer and Miss Janeth. From that point on, he adopted the nickname of Antonio Olmos “El Halcón”, switching sides to become a “Rudo”, and even teaming up with former rival Cien Caras, hence being called “El Nuevo Dinamita”.