The second event of Triplemanía IV event took place on June 15th, at Plaza de Toros “La Concordia” in Orizaba, Veracruz. There, the audience witnessed one of the most frenetic lumberjack matches ever. There, wrestlers Octagón, La Parka and debuting wrestler Máscara Sagrada (the second incarnation, w / Lady Victoria) defeated rivals Heavy Metal, Cien Caras and The Killer w / Miss Janeth. On this match, all lumberjacks participated: Konnan, Halloween, Rey Mysterio Jr., Winners (later known as Abismo Negro) among others. It was wrestler Máscara Sagrada who earned victory for his team, after vanquishing The Killer using a “cradling chair” move. On the semifinal match (a match held between a group composed only by “Técnicos”), a battle for the very first title of the Campeón de Campeones AAA took place. There, wrestler Pierroth Jr. emerged victorious after defeating rivals Konnan, Pimpinela Escarlata, Psicosis (later known as Nicho el Millonario), Perro Aguayo, El Pantera, Villano III and Juventud Guerrera. In the end, only Pierroth Jr. and Konnan remained, but the former managed to defeat his rival after performing a piledriver on him. On another match, wrestling team Los Juniors Atómicos wrote another chapter in their rivalry against Los Payasos and Karis la Momia, this time defeating them. Previously, wrestlers Rey Mysterio Jr., Oro II, Winners and Super Caló managed to defeat rivals Halloween, Mosco de La Merced, Kraken and Perro Silva. Shortly before, on a match called “Duelo de Norteños”, wrestlers Latin Lover, Sergio Romo Jr. and Antifaz defeated wrestlers Jerry Estrada, Sanguinario and Arandú. Then, on the first match of the night, wrestlers Venum, Ludxor, Boomerang, Fresbee and Thunderbird (the team known as Los Cadetes del Espacio) won against Ravana, El Duende, Black Cat II, Espectro and Picudo.