The first AAA grand event of 2015 took place at Auditorio Benito Juárez, in Zapopan, Jalisco, in front of a very eager crowd, after which it was clearly stated that the AAA has a very clear compromise with the fans, assuring nothing but the highest quality in all of their events. Hence, there is no surprise that the Rey De Reyes 2015 tournament was nothing else but a success.

The main event announced the return of wrestling super star Rey Mysterio to México, teaming up with wrestler Myzteziz, and together they defeated rivals Los Perros del Mal (Hijo del Perro Aguayo and Pentagón Jr.) in a match full of spectacular moves. With no clear dominance from part of any of the gladiators, the final victory came swiftly, after Rey Mysterio applied a “Destroza Caras” to Pentagón Jr., then followed with his famous “619” signature move, and finally, applying a “Canadian Destroyer” to put an end to the match, thus claiming his first victory upon his new tenure at the AAA.

Wrestler Texano Jr. wins the Rey de Reyes 2015 tournament, after defeating rival Psycho Clown in a very evenly-matched fight. Wrestler Aerostar showed off his best moves, but sadly this wasn’t enough to win against the raw power of rival El Mesías. Wrestler La Parka was in charge of the sudden elimination of rival Ricky Banderas, leaving everything on the hands of Psycho Clown and Texano Jr. This match, however, was a very violent and bloody one; The worst part was a terrible error from the referee, Rafa “El Maya”, which wrestler El Texano Jr. saw as an opportunity to attack a distracted Psycho Clown with neck-breaking move, thus earning the coveted Sword and title of champion.

Seasoned wrestlers Villano IV and Blue Demon Jr. showed to fill a vacant slot on the event’s list, on which they gave a superb performance and demonstrated why they´re considered legends in Mexican Wrestling’s history. Such was the success of their performance, that the audience started to throw money at the ring just right after Blue Demon Jr. was declared the winner, defeating his rival using a classic “medio cangrejo” move against his no-less formidable foe, who is also a member of a long dynasty of gladiators.

Wrestlers Cibernético, Averno and Chessman fell before rival wrestlers La Parka, Jack Evans and Angélico, even when they had help from none other than El Mesías. The so-called Los Hell Brothers were surprised again by the power of the AAA army.

Wrestler El Hijo del Fantasma managed to keep the title of AAA Crucero Champion against Fénix on one of the most spectacular matches of the night. The so-called Hijo del Fuego fell victim of his own signature move, the Fire Driver, imitated by “el hijo del Duende que camina”, in an epic battle, on which both wrestlers demonstrated why they’re considered among the best.

After the battle, wrestling coalition “La Sociedad”, led by Dorian Roldán and Konnan, showed to attack Fénix and his second, Drago. Suddenly, Rey Mysterio Jr. made an appearance to face the AAA World Wide Vicepresident, and almost attacked him with his 619 move. Rey Mysterio Acknowledged Fénix´s talent and encouraged him to keep going, even after his defeat.

Wrestlers Drago, Bengala and Super Nova bested rivals Daga, Super Fly and Hijo del Pirata Morgan in a match under the AAA´s Crucero Division. Drago used a powerful “Tirantes” move against his foe, El Hijo del Pirata Morgan, in order to defeat him.

The team conformed by Faby Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata and Mascarita Sagrada obtained a significant victory over rivals Taya, Mini Abismo Negro and Mamba. “La Sociedad” once again showed up after the match in order to attack the winners.

On the opening match, wrestlers El Apache and Carta Brava Jr. fell under their rivals, wrestlers Ludxor y Venum, who used a combination of the wrestling moves known as Los Cadetes (Hooking from the 3rd rope , then a big splash) in order to win.

Before the matches began, a heartfelt ceremony was held in memory Ms. Irma Osorno, loved member and dear friend of the AAA Family, who passed away on March 17th.