The Rey De Reyes tournament 2014 was held again at the Plaza de Toros “La Monumental” in Monterrey, Nuevo León, where the 2014 champion for the Rey de Reyes tournament received his title, alongside the new AAA Latin-american Champion. We also witnessed the loss of a scalp.

The final match was won by wrestler La Parka, after defeating rival wrestlers Hijo del Perro Aguayo, El Zorro and Black Warrior. This was a historical event, as it marked the 5th time the wrestler won the coveted title. As a sign of gratitude, the wrestler gave his trophy to AAA President, Lic. Marisela Peña.

On the semifinal round, AAA General Director, Lic. Joaquín Roldán, was declared hero on behalf of the technical band, after snatching a guitar from his son, Dorian Roldán, and then using the guitar to hit the head of wrestler Jeff Jarrett (leader of a team composed by Máscara Año 2000 Jr. and current AAA Megachampion, Texano Jr., and his wife Karen), who was knocked out, situation that wrestler Cibernético (leading a team composed by Psycho Clown and Electro Shock) used to win the match. After the match, The General Director firmly asked the wrestling coalition known as “La Sociedad” to cease their aggressions towards his wife and AAA President, Lic. Marisela Peña, and also to stop their aggressions against the audience.

Wrestlers Jack Evans and Angélico successfully defended their title as AAA Champions against the teams composed of Psicosis and Hijo del Fantasma, Drago and Aerostar, and the team composed of Demon Rocker and Machine Rocker. Their final victory was marked by their signature moves, Angelico’s Crucifix powerbomb, and Jack Evan´s 630 senton over both Inferno Rockers.

The imposing “Domo de la Muerte” was installed once again for a bet match, on which current AAA Fusión champion Fénix obtained the scalp of rival wrestler Steve Pain, after escaping the dome using a “spanish fly” move… over a table set on fire! On that same match, wrestlers Crazy Boy, Joe Líder, Eterno, Pentagón Jr., Ultimo Gladiador and Niño Hamburguesa (whose escape from the dome left a mark on AAA history), made an appearance.

On a previous match, and after a bloody match, wrestler Chessman bested rival Villano IV using a “spear” move, thus obtaining the title of AAA Latinamerican Champion. This title was vacant, due to the fact that the current champion, Blue Demon Jr., was unable to attend the match and left the slot open, under the condition to be the first challenger for the next championship.

The second match pitted current AAA Crucero champion Daga (with Taya), against challengers Super Fly, Argenis and Australian Suicide. The current champion retained his title after defeating his adversaries. After the match, Pentagón Jr. showed up in the ring again, this time to attack Australian Suicide. Immediately thereafter, Wrestler Faby Apache arrived too, who, alongside Wrestler Drago, challenged the attackers, but not before asking permission to AAA President, Lic. Marisela Peña, to carry out the fight right there, but the challenged wrestlers declined the match. Meanwhile, wrestler Daga, who had remained on the sidelines, took advantage of the situation to brag about his victory over the Microphone, action that enraged Faby Apache, who then decided to attack him. After receiving some hits from the lady wrestler, the current AAA Crucero Champion was dragged out of the place by wrestlers Taya and Sexy Star.

On the first match, a team composed by wrestlers Alan Stone, Pimpinela Escarlata, Dinastía and two-times champion Faby Apache defeated rivals Silver King, Mamba, Mini Charly Manson and Sexy Star. Pimpinela Escarlata used a “school boy” move over Mamba in order to win the match. After the match, Pentagón Jr. appeared again, and teamed up with Sexy Star in order to attack Faby Apache, stating again his desire to challenge the current champions.