The place: Zapopan, Jalisco, the Date: March 18th. the event: Rey de Reyes 2012. This was an event full of thrills and spectacular matches, and also served to pay respects for wrestler Abismo Negro, on the 3rd anniversary after his untimely passing.

On another important match, and thanks to the timely arrival of wrestler L.A. Park, wrestler El Mesías was able to recover the AAA Megachampion title from rival Jeff Jarret. Said title had been in the hands of wrestlers from the United States for a long time, and El Mesias’ victory marked its return to Mexican possession. Noticeably, the Mexican wrestler had been tied up to one of the ring’s cords, unable to defend himself against Jarrett’s attacks. That was when the polemic wrestler L.A. Park showed up to help El Mesias, freeing him, and even handing him a guitar, which he then used to hit Jarrett, thus defeating the so-called “King of the Mountain”.

Shortly after, and against all predictions, wrestler El Hijo del Perro Aguayo earned the championship of the Rey de Reyes 2012 tournament, after having defeated rivals Jack Evans, Héctor Garza and L.A. Park, the latter being defeated after he was hit in the head by a guitar held by none other than Jeff Jarrett. As expected, both fighters gave everything on the ring, and after the match, a noticeably hurt but satisfied Hijo del Perro Aguayo stood tall with victory, not without a lot of help from Héctor Garza.

During the event, a round of applause was dedicated to the memory of wrestler Abismo Negro, whose passing occurred 3 years before, in that same month. Also, in his honor, his musical theme was played, alongside a recording of his not less famous statement before every fight: “Yo soy Abismo Negro, el mejor rudo, Viper Extreme, Triple L”. To this day, he is remembered as one of the most beloved and famous of the AAA wrestlers.

The wrestling coalition known as “El Consejo” kept their promise and, after a match, earned the right to keep showing up at events held by the AAA. This match, however, was tainted by foul play on part of the invaders, a team composed by wrestlers Texano Jr., Máscara Año 2000 Jr. and Toscano, who defeated AAA stars Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock and Heavy Metal. The audience was on the side of the AAA team, but, once again, the mysterious “Man in Black” made his appearance, and managed to take off Dr. Wagner´s mask, who had to cover his face, situation that was taken advantage of on part of his rivals, pinned the maskless wrestler down, and thus winning the match.

The fight between wrestlers Cibernético and La Parka ended in an unexpected way: during the lumberjack match, wrestler Octagón, (who, before the match, had asked La Parka to “take care of his boys” Dark Dragon and Tito Santana), climbed to the ring, and hit La Parka with a chair, knocking him out and thus allowing Cibernético to stay on top of him in order for the referee to declare him the winner after the count of three. So, Cibernético and his team, wrestlers Scoria and Billy el Malo, defeated La Parka, Tito Santana and Dark Dragon. Octagón’s anger was due to the fact that he saw very little to no coordination between La Parka and Octagon´s “boys”, who also had a lot of errors of their own, situation that angered the wrestler, even reaching a point on which La Parka almost stared beating Tito Santana. It was then when Octagon arrived to the ring and hit him with a chair. To add insult to injury, and while the winning team was celebrating, the so-called “La Milicia” went on full force over La Parka, who had to be rescued by none others than Cibernético and his crew. Nonetheless, there was no peace declared afterwards between the rivals, and La Parka was left alone, humiliated and bleeding, after being rescued.

Wrestler Jeff Jarrett and his wife Karen made an appearance alongside a translator, who was literally forced to repeat the wrestler’s infamous insults toward the Mexican people, calling them “a primitive country, with a primitive language”.
AAA Vice-president Dorian Roldán and wrestler Konnan were called up onto the ring, where the VP assured that L.A. Park would have to obey a directive order and apologize to both Jarretts, but when L.A. Park showed up, he not only didn’t apologize, but also had the nerve to mockingly push down the AAA VP, who soundly fell onto the ring, earning the cheers and a round of applause from the audience for his defiant attitude towards Dorian Roldán.

On another great match, wrestling team Los Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Murder Clown y Monster Clown) defeated rivals Octagón, Silver King and Último Gladiador.

Also, on another of the memorable matches of the night, a special extreme match was held between 4 pairs of fighters. Such pairs were Juventud Guerrera and Joe Líder vs. Nicho el Millonario and Halloween vs. Xtreme Tiger and Fénix (temporarily replacing injured wrestler Daga) vs. Chessman and a “surprise fighter” who was none other than one of the most famous Canadian wrestlers, and member of one of the most distinguished wrestling dynasties in the world: Teddy Hart. This match was full of action, thrills and daring moves, performed one after another, on which the victory wasn’t easily earned by Juventud Guerrera and Joe Líder. Among the most dramatic moments of the match, the “Mexican Powers” suffered severe punishments at the hands of their rivals]; one of them was a neck-breaking throw out of the ring, suffered by Joe Líder. In order to win, Juventud Guerrera used one of his signature moves, the “Juvi Driver” against his rival, who was knocked out, thus ending the match.

On a special caged match called “La Jaula de la Locura” wrestlers Sexy Star and Pimpinela Escarlata were the only ones left, and one of them would lose either her mask or his hair. Wrestler Pimpinela Escarlata was very close to escape the cage, unfortunately, he encountered trouble at the hands of Konnan and his henchmen, who stopped him from escaping the cage. The wrestler received a severe hit, who left him immobilized, situation that was leveraged by Sexy Star, who narrowly escaped the cage, leaving the wrestler behind, ready to be scalped. Wrestlers Mascarita Dorada, Mini Histeria, Octagoncito, Yuriko, Pasión Cristal, Elegido, Aerostar, Alan Stone, La Hechicera and Faby Apache also contended on that same match.