On March 18th, at Plaza de Toros Monumental Aguascalientes, wrestler Xtreme Tiger achieved the biggest triumph of his whole career, after obtaining the title champion of Rey de Reyes 2011.

This time, however, only the final match took place in that time and place, as previous eliminatory matches were held at different places and dates. Even so, Xtreme Tiger advanced steadily towards the final, even defeating the champion of last year’s tournament, wrestler Chessman, and his progress was followed very closely by people all around Mexico, via TV broadcasts, so his triumph resonated very loudly, even more so for the fact that he had all the odds against him.

On this final match, the so-called “regalito de Tijuana” defeated wrestlers El Mesías, L.A. Park and Carlito Caribbean Cool. He had help, though: Wrestlers El Mesías and L.A. Park got themselves eliminated, because they started to fight each other outside of the ring, thus preventing themselves to return to the ring in time, thus allowing Xtreme Tiger to take Carlito by surprise using his “450 splash” signature move. On a side note, the fight between the other 2 contenders, added to their longtime rivalry, ended up in a bet match scheduled for Triplemanía XIX, on which the Mask of L.A. Park and the hair of El Mesías were at stake.

Earlier, wrestler Heavy Metal won Electroshock’s hair after winning a bullterrier match, the last one after a series of matches, all held under different fighting modes and sets of rules.

Wrestler El Zorro held his AAA Megachampionship against challenger Charly Manson.

The wrestling team called Los Perros del Mal (Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Damián 666, Halloween and Super Crazy) steamrolled over rivals Dr. Wagner Jr. and Los Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Murder Clown y Monster Clown).

Also, wrestling team Los Bizarros (Cibernético, Billy el Malo, Scoria and Nygma) defeated wrestlers La Parka, Jack Evans, Joe Líder and Nicho el Millonario.

Wrestlers El Apache, Mary Apache, Octagoncito and Pimpinela Escarlata won against rivals Hijo del Tirantes, Sexy Star, Mini Histeria and Yuriko.