On March 12th, 2010, this time at Plaza de Toros “Santa María” in Querétaro, Querétaro, the Rey de Reyes Tournament took place, and this time, wrestler Chessman was the contender who, after a tenuous match against rival wrestlers Hernandez and Marco Corleone, obtained the victory.

Previously, on the eliminatory matches, wrestlers La Parka, El Zorro and Octagón (1st Group) were defeated by Chessman; Wrestlers El Elegido, Crazy Boy and Kenzo Suzuki (2nd Group) were defeated by Hernandez, and Wrestlers Jack Evans, Dark Ozz and Decnnis (3rd Group) fell at the hands of Marco Corleone.

Wrestler Electroshock, Champion of last year´s Rey de Reyes Tournament, won the title of AAA Megachampion, after defeating wrestler Mr. Anderson on a “three way dance” match. Even when the defending champion was El Mesías, the rules specified that the first contender to defeat a rival would end up as victor.

Wrestler Cibernético defeated Konnan in a lumberjack match, where all members of his team, La Legión Extranjera, were present in order to support their commander.

Female wrestlers Cynthia Moreno, Faby Apache y Mary Apache imposed themselves over rival team Las Gringas Locas, composed by Sexy Star, Christina Von Eerie and Rain.

Wrestler Xtreme Tiger retained his title, the Campeonato Crucero AAA, against challenger Alex Koslov, who was the very first wrestler to earn this title.

Wrestlers Nicho el Millonario, Joe Líder and Pimpinela Escarlata defeated rivals Dr. Wagner Jr., Silver King and Último Gladiador (Los Wagnermaniacos).