Wrestler La Parka, born on the Mexican state of Sonora, became champion of the Rey De Reyes Tournament once again on March 11th, 2005, thus winning back the crown for his country.

This time, the tournament was held on Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, on which “el huesudo” defeated former champion Jeff Jarrett, alongside Konnan, Abismo Negro, Chessman and Latin Lover.
Previously, a match of the so-named “mini-wrestlers” took place. Those matches are rarely presented right before the main event, and this was one of such events, on which wrestler Octagoncito defeated and unmasked wrestler Mini Psicosis, who said his real name is Humberto Sánchez.

On other matches, wrestlers Electroshock, Gronda and Alebrije c / Cuije defeated Charly Manson, Monsther c / Chucky and El Picudo.

Also, wrestlers El Zorro, Hijo de Anibal and El Intocable won over Tinieblas Jr., Hator and Mr. Águila.

Female wrestlers Lady Apache, Faby Apache and Princesa Blanca bested rivals La Diabólica, Princesa Sugey y Tiffany.

This event also served as the framework for the return of wrestler Nicho el Millonario to the AAA, with the help of then-allies Konnan and Cibernético. They tied him up to a chair, in order to enrage him against the AAA. At his feet, they placed the mask of wrestler Psicosis, the original identity of Nicho El Millonario.