It has been said many times that the Rey de Reyes Tournament could be a very good launching platform to become a Megachampion. Such is the case for Electroshock, who quickly became the undisputed champion, after having won the noble title first; Then again, there are other cases, in which the Megachampionship doesn’t come easily, but at the end it is obtained. This is the case of wrestler Jeff Jarrett.

On March 21st, 2004, and returning to the Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, star wrestler and founding member of the TNA Jeff Jarrett became the first foreign wrestler to win the tournament, after defeating only one wrestler, Latin Lover, who was designated by the AAA, to defend the coveted blazon, on a one-on-one match.
On previous matches, and under a more classic set of rules, wrestlers Electroshock and Tiffany defeated Chessman and Lady Apache, whom, having lost, had to fight each other in a “Hair Vs. Hair” match. Chessman defeated Lady Apache, but she didn’t surrender her hair, because his husband, wrestler Electroshock, offered his hair in exchange of her wife’s.

Also, wrestlers Cibernético, Charly Manson, Juventud Guerrera and Mr. Águila bested Octagón, El Zorro, Heavy Metal and Gronda.

Wrestlers Máscara Sagrada y Mascarita Sagrada won over wrestlers Abismo Negro and Mini Abismo Negro.

On another match, wrestlers El Brazo, El Intocable and El Oriental defeated La Fiera, El Texano and Pirata Morgan.