Lic. Marisela Peña
Lic. Marisela Peña
Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide President
Lic. Marisela Peña

Each and every move performed by the AAA’s stars is closely observed by our President of the Board, Lic. Marisela Peña. She is the highest authority within the Lucha Libre AAA Company.

Involved since a very early age with the spectacular sport of Mexican Lucha Libre due to her ties with the lineage of El Espectro’s family of wrestlers, she started working within the company founded by his brother, Lic. Antonio Peña, in 1995, as Financial Director.

Devoted 100% with the Lucha Libre AAA brand, she became acting President in 2006, after the demise of the founder of the company.

Even when she keeps an unbiased, fair and sober posture, at times she has been forced to choose sides in times of conflict, especially those sustained between his husband, General Director Lic. Joaquín Roldán, and her son, Acting Vice-president Dorian Roldán.

As a head of the AAA Company, she works tirelessly to keep sportsmanship and justice as the main guidances for the company.