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Promociones Antonio Peña, S. A de C.V. is the company responsible for personal data use and protection. It is located in Popocatepetl #103 Bis, Col. Portales, Delegación Benito Juárez, C.P. 04000, Mexico City. Its phone number is: 5524-5632.

The Data Protection Department, located at the same address, is responsible for Data Protection. You can contact this department at

One of the priorities of Promociones Antonio Peña, S. A de C.V. (hereinafter AAA) is to respect its users’ privacy and to protect the information and personal data it collects.

Furthermore, AAA will inform the user the type of data to be collected, how they are storage and the purpose of the file, how they are protected, as well as the scope of its privacy commitment, and the rights it possesses as the information owner.


The information should be true and complete. At any time, the user will account to the data provided and, under no circumstance, AAA will be liable for their truthfulness.

The information to be requested to the user on the website is:

Complete name

E-mail address

Phone number


Cookies are small pieces of information which are sent from the website to your browser; they are used to determine preferences when you link to the services of our websites, as well as to track certain behaviors or activities that you perform on our websites.

In some sections of our website, we request the client enables cookies as some functions require cookies to work properly. Cookies allow us to: a) recognize you the moment you access our websites, and provide you with a customized experience, b) know the personal configuration specified by you ; for example, cookies allow us to detect the bandwidth you selected the moment you accessed our websites’ home pages, in such a way that we know the type of information that is advisable to download, c) estimate the size of our audience and measure some traffic parameters, as each browser that accesses our websites acquires a cookie that is used to determine the use frequency and the sections of accessed websites, thus reflecting habits and preferences; this information is useful for us in order to improve content, headers and promotions for our users. Cookies also help us track some activities; for example, we can use cookies in some of our online surveys in order to know if the user has already answered it and avoid showing it again. However, cookies will let you take advantage of the most beneficial characteristics we offer you, so we recommend you to enable them.

The use of cookies will not be utilized to identify users, except in those cases where possible illegal use is investigated.

In the case of using cookies, the “help” icon, located in the toolbar of most browsers, will let you know how to avoid accepting new cookies, how to know when your browser receives new cookies, or how to disable all cookies.


Requested data allows AAA to get in touch with users, whenever it is necessary, in order to:

Provide efficient service.

Inform about new products or events.

Inform about product changes.

Provide a better user experience.


AAA will implement the tools it deems as necessary to protect the users’ information. A personal identification number, only accessed by the user, protects the information.

Once data are received, we will do everything in our hands to protect their safety in our servers.


In our promotions, offers and services notification program via email, only AAA can access the compiled information. This type of publicity is performed through email notifications and promotional messages, which will only be sent to you and to those contacts registered for that purpose. You will be able to modify this instruction, at any moment, by sending an email to Occasionally, we might include third-party offers from our commercial partners.


At any moment, users can modify their profile by sending an email to They can request, as well, the cancellation of their profile or their opposition to information treatment.

The request shall include the reasons to request such cancellation and an official ID from the data owner or his or her proxy. The request will be attended over a maximum period of 10 (ten) working days, and the user will be informed about its status via the email from which the request was sent.

AAA requests users to update their data once they are modified, as this will provide them an efficient and customized service.


AAA does NOT transfer any data.


The Company reserves the right to make modifications or updates, at any time, to the privacy policy, to attend legislative or jurisprudential novelties, internal policies, new requirements to service provision, product offering, and market practices.

These amendments are available to the public through our website, Privacy Policy section, or the users can receive them in the email address they have provided.


This statement of Privacy is subject to the terms and conditions of AAA’s previously mentioned website, which constitutes a binding legal agreement between the user and AAA.

If a user utilizes the services of AAA web site, it shall mean he or she has read, understood, and agreed on the terms previously explained.


Dear user, we inform you that the Privacy Policy was amended on May 30th, 2013